I am a Holistic Therapist practising Reiki (practitioner & Master), Indian Head Massage, Auricular Acupunture, Advanced Theta practitioner and Body Spin Healing.  In addition to this I have studied counselling, I have excellent experience of group therapy and one to one work within the Social Care Sector. 

My healing work integrates these skills and extensive experience, giving me the ability to work with individuals with a wide variety of needs.

My aim  is to support and  guide my clients to achieve balance and happiness.  I am passionate and enthusiastic about my work in the community as well as my work as a holistic therapist. When working with people I believe that having a sensitive, non- judgemental, empathic approach allows the individual to feel safe to explore their thoughts and emotions.

As a Holistic Therapist I feel that the inward journey to self-discovery is paramount in life and our external world is a reflection of our inward beliefs of self. I am committed to my own healing journey and believe it is important that I understand my own process and continually build my own self-awareness.

I have always been drawn to explore holistic therapies as a way of dealing with my own personal challenges. All the therapies I offer I have personally used them to support, shift old patterns of behaviour heal and empower myself. 

I believe thorough my own experience that healing the inner challenges brings inner fulfilment and joy and we constantly outside of our self.

The therapies I offer compliment each other beautifully. When blended together  the client will recieve's a treatment that will nurture them, calm their mind and body leaving them feeling centred and wholesome.

History of Reiki Lineage

  • 2500 + years ago Tibetan Practitioners and Adepts
  • 1870's Dr Mikao Usui
  • 1900's Dr Chijiro Hayashi
  • 1939 Mrs Hawayo Takata
  • 1973-1980 Iris (one of 21 masters trained by Takata)
  • 1982 Arthur Robinson
  • 1989 Jeanine Sande
  • 1992 Judith Tripp Chasen
  • 1995 Linda Penny
  • 2004 Maria Gomes