Theta healing is a powerful treatment that gets to the heart of the issue by identifying and changing self-limiting beliefs that are held in our sub-conscious.

It is ideal for people who are serious about change and looking to shift negative, self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour and old ways of thinking.

Negative beliefs and feelings are replaced by new, positive beliefs during the session. Theta is the ideal start to a process of transformation and change.

Theta healing can help with; anxiety, low self- esteem, lack of confidence, feeling stuck, relationship difficulties, career issues, difficult childhood memories, unresolved emotions, depression and much more.

By honing in on specific issues you can release and unlock emotions, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. This increases your self-worth, self-confidence and self-belief, by creating lightbulb moments about yourself.

Once you become free from old patterns of behaviour, you feel empowered to make different, healthier choices and positive changes in your life.

This enables you to become kinder, more compassionate and more forgiving of yourself and others.

What does a treatment involve?

After discussing the issue to be worked on I do a body scan to tune into your energetic field. I then use muscle testing and a questioning process (guided by intuition and source energy) to identify the underlying belief which relates to the issue. Then, guided by source energy I download new beliefs and feelings into your subconscious. This requires your active involvement with your healing process as we work together to resolve the issue.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people require at least two or three treatments. After one treatment you will know instinctively whether you need more. From my own experience over the years, healing a particular issue is like peeling layers of an onion so you have to be patient with yourself and the healing process. 

Where did Theta Healing originate?

Vianna Stibal former naturopath, massage therapist and an intuitive reader is the founder of Theta healing. In 1995 when Vianna was diagnosed with cancer in her right femur, the illness was not able to be healed by conventional medicine nor was it by other alternative therapies.  This then set her on a pursuit to use her intuitive reading on herself and Theta healing was born. The treatment involves the healer using theta brain waves, which are experienced during hypnosis and whilst in deep sleep state. Due to its profound results it is gaining much respect and now a very popular healing technique that is active across the world. For more information please go to


Most treatments I offer take 1 hour including some time for feedback at the end of treatment. Your 1st treatment will include a thorough consultation however you can book a free 30 minute phone consultation with me if you wish.



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