What is an Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is an exquisite treatment that has wonderful, relaxing, healing properties. It has three elements which provide varied benefits: The neck and shoulder massage relieves tension; the scalp massage enables the mind chatter to slow down and a beautiful facial massage which leaves your skin glowing and relaxed. After the treatment you will feel calm, nurtured, centred and tranquil.

Benefits of an Indian Head Massage

It also has a wealth of physical, mental, and other more subtle benefits.  Physically it relaxes the whole body, provides relief from tension headaches, helps with insomnia, stimulates and improves circulation of the lymphatic system allowing the disposal of toxins from the body.

Mentally it releases stress and  calms the mind.  It increases levels of alertness concentration, lifts feelings of low mood and despondency.

It releases stagnant energy, boosting energy on all levels, and provides a general feeling of having been healed.


Most treatments I offer take 1 hour with some time for feedback at the end of treatment. Your 1st treatment will include a thorough consultation which will give me a clear picture of what combination of treatments I will carry out for you.



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