(Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Reiki?

See the Reiki Treatment page for more information on Reiki and how it works.

What is Body Spin?

See the Body Spin Treatment page for more information on Body Spin and how it works

What happens in a treatment?


The client will lie down fully clothed on a treatment table. The practitioner will lay their hand on the client, starting with the head for several minutes, and then moving on to the face followed by the shoulders, upper body, moving to the legs and feet. The client will then turn over and the laying of hands continues on the back, back of the legs and feet.

The laying of hands is very gentle, so the client feels safe and comfortable.

Reiki treatment is gentle, safe, simple and non-intrusive but very powerful.

What does a treatment feel like?

Each person experiences Reiki differently, and individuals may have different experiences from session to session.

Mostly a session will be calm, relaxing and peaceful and you should feel grounded and centred as a result. Some people feel heat from the practitioners hands,and some have a profound emotional reaction to the treatment.