Healing Empowerment



I am an experienced intuitive Holistic Therapist.  I practice Reiki, Theta Healing, Indian Head Massage, Facial Massage and Auricular (ear) Acupuncture.

As well as offering treatments, I am a Reiki Master / Teacher,  I provide professional training in South West London. Learining  Reiki is a gift to your soul and spirit, it will  take you on a journey of healing and empowerment, it might inspire you to be a practitioner, master / teacher as it did for me. 

I like to have a flexible approach when working with my clients. I  often combine the different treatments I offer to provide a bespoke service, which takes the treatments on a deeper level.

In addition to the healing modalities I practice, I have also studied counselling, and have 15 years of experience working in social care, which gives me excellent insight and skills when working with people.

 All of my treatments address the root cause of the issue rather than the symptoms, promoting  Healing,  Empowerment and Freedom.