Sound Healing

I have always loved and been drawn towards sound healing, its remarkable benefits have inspired me to offer it FREE alongside the healing treatments I offer.

During your Reiki or Theta treatment, with your consent, I use a Tibetan singing bowl and tuning forks to enhance your treatment.  I use singing bowl to start and end the treatment to centre and ground your mind, body and spirit, creating a peaceful and calm sensation. The tuning forks I use intuitively, where necessary, to clear and unblock stagnant energy. They can also be used to relieve muscle pain or stress held in the body.

The use of sound deepens your relaxation, the healing process and the treatment as a whole. The sound helps to cut through mental fog and helps with clarity and focus. This enhances both the experience and the benefits you gain from your treatment.

Everything in the Universe, including us, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Sound is a vibrational energy that resonates deeply with us, it moves faster in water than through air, and as our bodies are made of 80% water it will travel at a speed to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

During my healing sessions I will use 528hz, 396hz and 111hz tuning forks.

528 hz is all about healing the heart, the frequency is so powerful that it has been said that it heals and repairs damaged DNA.

396hz helps to turn ‘Grief into Joy’ it heals feelings of guilt and fear which often block us from achieving our potential.

The 528hz and 396hz are used together around the aura of the body to balance the mind, body, spirit connection.

111hz helps with the production of endorphins, when there is an increase in this hormone it relieves pain and elevates mood. This tuning fork is used on bones to take the vibrations deeper into the body. 



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